Entrevista para el Festival CologneOFF 2011

La entrevista completa para CologneOFF 2011 se puede ver aquí:

1. Tell me something about your life and your educational background

My education was very standard. First, I studied in a typical humble south american neighbourhood primary school without any artistic speciality. We had the usual classes: mathematics, science, history, geography… there was an artistic class: “craftworks, and drawing”. I was one the coolest guys in that class, because I made very good drawings, and later I was one of the main drawers in other classes, such as science or history. I had to draw on the board the subject of the class, for example, the inner body organs (for science), or a Simón Bolívar portrait (for history class). I had one problem: my line was kind of soft, and the tough guy (another kid like me) had a more decided line style. He was the favourite one of the girls.

Apart from drawing, we had another important issue: the language class. Our teachers considered we, eight years old kids, could read any kind of literature, and we read very powerful books. The one I remember the most: “Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada” by García Márquez. My imagination grabbed the killing of Santiago Nassar and those images, hasn’t changed since then.

Later in the secondary school, i had a lot of fun doing caricatures of the other students (I had some good enemies, they hated me) and of the teachers; these ones never complained.

This drawing skill made me think the better decision was studying Graphic Design at one of the most important universities in Bogotá. The economical crisis in Colombia (the 90’s) Made difficult those studies, but everything went well, even though i wasn’t a good student. The comic class, the animation class, the illustration class, and later working in an advertising agency, helped me to find the path of video.

2. When, how and why started you filming?

I worked in an advertising agency called “Morphos” (the 90’s) and the boss was a very interesting guy, an artist with a lot of imagination who gave us, workers, artists, the necessary freedom we needed to know what we wanted to do. We made animation, photography, and thanks to my dedication and patience, I conceived and directed the TV presentation of the only public broadcast channel Colombia had, Señal Colombia. It was a series of morphing between traditional and modern characters of my country.

My debts (i had to pay a loan to the university) forced me to abandon this agency and find a job as a graphic designer in a big factory, the creativity path ended in my country. Later, in Spain, i was very lucky to meet actors and technicians (all of us amateurs) and then decided to make my first short “simulacro” (2003). The script was written in Colombia, three years before.

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